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The State of iOS Crash Reporting and Analytics in 2016 | Tagged: , ,
A friend just asked about services that could capture all relevant events in an iOS app, whether crashes, user activity, or ad hoc metrics. I told him about how I use Crashlytics but mentioned there are a lot of very similar services. I decided to do some searching, and this is what I found in […] Read more – ‘The State of iOS Crash Reporting and Analytics in 2016’.
UIViewController+SegueBlocks | Tagged:
This is a category which adds methods on UIViewController to provide a handler at the spot that you programmatically perform a segue. This avoids a mess of if, else if, else statements in prepareForSegue:sender:. In fact, you don’t even need to implement the method at all if you don’t need do anything before the segues […] Read more – ‘UIViewController+SegueBlocks’.
Future Shock | Tagged: , , , ,
I gave a talk yesterday at the Brooklyn Swift Meetup about futures, covering both why they’re interesting and what we specifically gain by using them in Swift.   Read more – ‘Future Shock’.
Continuous Improvement | Tagged: , , , ,
I gave this talk the other week at the Brooklyn iOS Meetup. Read more – ‘Continuous Improvement’.
Playing Web Audio on iOS | Tagged: ,
When using the Web Audio API on iOS, you have run into the problem that you don’t hear anything despite it all to be be wired up correctly and no errors being thrown. There is a small notice in the Safari documentation that sounds must be triggered by explicit user action, but what does that […] Read more – ‘Playing Web Audio on iOS’.

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