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Next steps | Tagged:
As I mentioned at the beginning of year, I’ve been looking around for what’s next. This last few months has been a really interesting, fun time talking to a lot of interesting people about projects all over the world. I’m very excited to say that from the end of this month I’ll be working with […] Read more – ‘Next steps’.
(Non)Persistence of CSS Animated Properties | Tagged: , ,
For Fronting Motion I am exploring the use of CSS3 animations with keyframes. However, there are some gotchas associated with the persistence of the transformed properties that I only realized. To explain, consider the following keyframes: @keyframes fadein { from { opacity: 0; } to { opacity: 1; } } @keyframes moveRight { from { […] Read more – ‘(Non)Persistence of CSS Animated Properties’.
Finding a user’s first Instagram photo | Tagged: ,
My sister asked me how to find the first Instagram post by louboutinworld. Instagram’s website has one of those annoying paginated infinite scrolling interface, but luckily, they also have an API. Here’s what I did: Opened the API Console on Instagram’s developer site and got an OAuth access token for it. Searched for louboutinworld using […] Read more – ‘Finding a user’s first Instagram photo’.
As I write this on the second day of 2014, I don’t know what I’ll be working on next week, let alone this year. While generally not an unusual feeling for me, I have gotten out of the habit after 12 months working full-time as an employee. I spent 2013 doing iPhone app development (among […] Read more – ‘Forward’.
Formatting Dutch Currency Amounts | Tagged: , ,
How do you display one hundred fifty two dollars and thirteen cents with numbers? If you’re an American you might write it like $152.14, while a Dutch person might write $ 152,13. You’ll notice this if you change the international settings of your computer or phone from one country to another. But what are the rules […] Read more – ‘Formatting Dutch Currency Amounts’.

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