Bubble Foundry

Time For A Pause?

by Peter.

We had the iPhone Dev Camp yesterday at Mediamatic and I think that overall it was a big success. We had 80+ people packed in and coding throughout the day. While most of us were beginners, I think we laid the groundwork for an exciting mobile development scene. Today was spent recovering from the event (I’m still exhausted!) and got me to thinking. As much as I like organizing events, I think that I may need to scale back. I feel like some of my clients have been neglected and I have a lot of personal projects I’d like to pursue if I had more free time. At the same time, organizing events like the Dev Camp is a great way to meet a lot of people and also to get my name out there. From a personal perspective, maybe the events have achieved their purpose (some concrete examples later this week, hopefully).

What do you think? I’ll have to think and see what this means for Lunch 2.0 and the other events I’m preparing…