Bubble Foundry

How I maintain my events calendar

by Peter.

Chris asked how I maintain the Dutch Tech Meetups Calendar since he’s working on his own calendar for Berlin. Here’s the answer:

I manually add events to the calendar, though it’s pretty easy since most are on Meetup. You could import a feed, for example the feed of Meetup events you’re attending, but I don’t attend most of the events on my calendar. Also, I need a separate calendar because not every event is on Meetup.

On the Meetup page just under the meeting title there’s an export link and you can select Google. Sometime you can only see the link if you’re a member of the group and sometimes that’s not necessary. The link fills in a new calendar entry and I generally leave it at that. I was rewriting the dashes that Meetup uses to separate to commas, but that’s actually not necessary: Maps will understand the address links correctly either way.

The one annoying thing is that the new calendar entry screen only lets you select your main, default calendar. That means that every time I have to save the event to my personal calendar. After saving Google shows my calendar and an alert at the top saying that the event has been saved. You can click on the name of the event in this alert and you’re taken to the edit event screen. This is exactly the same as the add event screen except here you can select other calendars. I usually change calendars (halfway down the page) rather than using the copy option up at the top.

Since I’m subscribed to just about every tech Meetup group in the Netherlands plus a bunch of other mailing lists, I’m constantly hearing about events and I add one or two events a day. Have I missed something? Email me at peter@bubblefoundry.com!