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My Office Might Be the Best Amsterdam Incubator

by Peter.

Startup incubators are all the rage right now (in fact, they might have jumped the shark ;-), and Rockstart is the talk of the town here in Amsterdam. But I was just thinking the other day, my office actually has a pretty nice record of interesting startups.

Some organizations that have spent time here:

  • Bits of Freedom: Ok, not a startup but still an awesome organization.
  • Bottlenose: “The smartest social media dashboard.”
  • NARB: Gone but cool while it lasted. Essentially a social network for galleries and art lovers.
  • Newcope: Also gone but one with real potential: an auction platform for in-game virtual goods.
  • Spaaza: Getting retailers’ inventory information online and on Facebook. Fred de la Bretoniere just launched their Facebook inventory powered by Spaaza last week, and I expect lots more cool announcements soon.
  • Tupil: iOS and Mac apps, including the Beamer app to play any video on your Apple TV.

Not bad, eh?