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Introducing jsFrame | Tagged: , , , ,
Over the past few months I’ve become both more comfortable with Javascript and more impressed with what is possible with the language (more on that, with an example, in a few weeks). Doing lots of work with web application frameworks, I’ve become convinced that writing a framework entirely in Javascript would be both possible and […] Read more – ‘Introducing jsFrame’.
Typecasting Strings to Integers in PHP | Tagged: , , ,
PHP does some funny things when typecasting strings as integers and may not work the way you would expect (to be fair, it is documented). Here are some examples running under PHP 5.2.5 from the Mac OS X command line: php -r 'var_dump((int) "agbae");' int(0) php -r 'var_dump((int) "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz");' int(0) php -r 'var_dump((int) "2agbae");' int(2) […] Read more – ‘Typecasting Strings to Integers in PHP’.
Loading Javascript Libraries When Needed | Tagged: , ,
Here is a nice little Javascript function to load some Javascript libraries: function includeLibs() { var libs = [{object: 'Prototype', src: 'http://www.mobypicture.com/slideshow/prototype.js'}, {object: 'Lightbox', src: 'http://www.mobypicture.com/slideshow/lightbox.js'}]; for (var k = 0; k < libs.length; k++) { try { var obj = eval(libs[k].object); } catch (err) { var obj = false; } if (obj == false) […] Read more – ‘Loading Javascript Libraries When Needed’.
Multilink | Tagged: , , ,
Multilink is a very simple Javascript library that creates tooltips with multiple links per ‘normal’ link, its simplicity due to Prototip2 and Prototype. Why have one link when you can have ten! Check out the Multilink page for an example. Read more – ‘Multilink’.
From the Laboratory: Closed Standards | Tagged: , , , , , ,
Closed standards are an oxymoron and any standard that is closed is moronic. This is going to be a rant, so bear with me…. How can you call anything a standard when you don’t make the standard readily available? What is the point of a standard that no one can implement? Unfortunately, many ‘standardized’ audio […] Read more – ‘From the Laboratory: Closed Standards’.
From the Laboratory: IP2FireEagle | Tagged: , , , ,
IP2FireEagle is small PHP script I wrote which will update your location in Yahoo Fire Eagle based upon your current IP address. You can find more information on the IP2FireEagle page. Read more – ‘From the Laboratory: IP2FireEagle’.
From the Laboratory: Image Resizing and Thumbnail Creation | Tagged: , , , , , , , , ,
This is the first in a series of posts on technical issues related to web site development and making user-friendly websites. These will focus on the technical details of developing web sites and applications so will probably be interesting to only a subset of readers. Within the next few months, time permitting, we will be […] Read more – ‘From the Laboratory: Image Resizing and Thumbnail Creation’.