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Office Available in the Volkskrantgebouw
There’s an office available down the hall from mine, right next to @ouroffice. The space is 35m² and a steal at €375/month (including super fast internet, and all taxes). It’d be great to have another startup or otherwise group of techies in the house! Read more – ‘Office Available in the Volkskrantgebouw’.
Amsterdam Lift Meetup
If you’re not on the Lift mailing list you might not know that I am organizing a little meetup this Wednesday January 26 at 19:00 at Café Kobalt here in Amsterdam. If you’re interested in Lift, Scala, or just web frameworks in general, come on by! Read more – ‘Amsterdam Lift Meetup’.
ADCA a Huge Success
Android Dev Camp Amsterdam was a big success. Thank you to the 250 attendees for coming, Kumpany for planning everything and T-Mobile for initiating and supporting the event. Also, if you were the person who emailed me in Dutch about building an app (that’s all I remember), I’m sorry but I seem to have completely […] Read more – ‘ADCA a Huge Success’.
We Need This
I am so excited about Jailbreaking Picnic. It’s today (Thursday September 25) at the Westergasfabriek. A bunch of Amsterdam startups setting up a huge party on the public park right in front of PICNIC and showing that you don’t need money to kick ass. I hope it doesn’t sound silly to say that I’m really […] Read more – ‘We Need This’.
Public Appearances
I am part of the Hot 100 ‘up-and-coming creative media talent of the Netherlands’ and will be at the Picnic Conference in Amsterdam on September 25. Since there’s 100 of us, I think it’s mostly just a networking event. Either way, I’m excited to be part of the day. On October 2 I will be […] Read more – ‘Public Appearances’.
Culture and Entrepreneurshop
A friend doing a research project at LSE sent me some questions about the relationship to culture and entrepreneurship. I think my answers might be interesting, so I’m reposting them here. Please describe your past or current internet projects. Currently I make websites for startups under the moniker Bubble Foundry. I’m very passionate about improving […] Read more – ‘Culture and Entrepreneurshop’.
Every week I attend a get-together here in Amsterdam called OpenCoffee. The regular crowd includes people from Fleck, Wakoopa, IRL, and more. It’s a nice scene and everyone there has caught the entrepreneurial bug and is looking to develop web companies. However, one significant challenge that many face is getting their ideas built. This is […] Read more – ‘OpenCoffee’.