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A Mobile Tablet Interface
Recently I developed with Alexander Zeh an interface for an Android tablet app for the agents in an African mobile payment network. It was a pitch for the company, and while we weren’t selected we’re quite happy with our work and decided to share it with you. You can find our designs and analysis at http://bubblefoundry.com/tabletinterface/. Read more – ‘A Mobile Tablet Interface’.
WebViews in Android Versions <= 1.6
From what I understand: Native JSON methods don’t exist. Web SQL Database and Web Storage (things like localStorage, etc) aren’t supported. More as I find them. What do this all mean? In short, good luck making an advanced HTML5 web app for Android versions below 2.0, which unfortunately is still many devices. Read more – ‘WebViews in Android Versions <= 1.6’.
Android SDK Add-Ons
I’m very happy with avd and plan to continue improving it, but I though it would be worth pointing out the many of the device manufacturers actually have SDK add-ons that provide skins and device profiles like avd does. Of course, theirs tend to be locked behind screenfulls of legalese, but hey, what can you do? In no […] Read more – ‘Android SDK Add-Ons’.
Installing Android Apps via USB using the Android SDK
I had some trouble installing an Android app I was testing today over the internet so I used the SDK. I’m working with a tester with a Windows machine who didn’t have the SDK, so I wrote up the steps so they could do the same. It’s essentially the same on OS X or Linux. […] Read more – ‘Installing Android Apps via USB using the Android SDK’.
Generating Android Virtual Devices
The Android Emulator supports different virtual devices, including with interface skins, so you can test your apps on different ‘devices’ before actually transferring it to an Android device. These definitions are created with the command android create avd but unfortunately there’s no shared repository of device information and only a few walkthroughs. I stayed up […] Read more – ‘Generating Android Virtual Devices’.
Google says it very succinctly: “HTML5 and WebKit pave the way for mobile web applications.” HTML5 is coming and it has a lot of interesting features, from audio and video support to local storage. Combine this with the fact that web apps are a particularly attractive way to reach many mobile platforms and the WebKit […] Read more – ‘HTML5’.
I’m an Appostle!
With my friends Katie, Paul and Travis I’ve started Appostles. We’re awesome iPhone, Android and Blackberry developers and we want to build your apps. Sound interesting? Then hire us! Read more – ‘I’m an Appostle!’.
Presentation is Important
If you do it right, your customers will become your best salespeople. Android G1 Box from Alper Çugun on Vimeo. From Alper. Read more – ‘Presentation is Important’.
ADCA a Huge Success
Android Dev Camp Amsterdam was a big success. Thank you to the 250 attendees for coming, Kumpany for planning everything and T-Mobile for initiating and supporting the event. Also, if you were the person who emailed me in Dutch about building an app (that’s all I remember), I’m sorry but I seem to have completely […] Read more – ‘ADCA a Huge Success’.
I ♥ Android
I’m very excited to announce that we are putting on an Android Dev Camp on January 8, 2009 in Amsterdam. It should be a lot of fun, so you should definitely come. Hopefully this will make up for not posting at all about Mobile Dev Camp, an awesome event I organized in Amsterdam at the […] Read more – ‘I ♥ Android’.