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Finding a user’s first Instagram photo
My sister asked me how to find the first Instagram post by louboutinworld. Instagram’s website has one of those annoying paginated infinite scrolling interface, but luckily, they also have an API. Here’s what I did: Opened the API Console on Instagram’s developer site and got an OAuth access token for it. Searched for louboutinworld using […] Read more – ‘Finding a user’s first Instagram photo’.
Sending iOS Push Messages with Urban Airship and BFUrbanAirship
For iFebo I built a server last year to handle sending push messages to Urban Airship, which we use in front of the Apple Push Notification service due to its great scheduling features. To do this I needed a way to interact with the UA API and while it’s got lots of features it’s not […] Read more – ‘Sending iOS Push Messages with Urban Airship and BFUrbanAirship’.
Tropo is broken
Oh. my. god. What a giant disaster. I’ve been raving about how awesome Tropo is at handling SMSes to everyone I talk to, but no more. Tropo expects EVERY interaction to be the in the form of a response to a request that they’ve POSTed to your API endpoint. Everything is part of a session […] Read more – ‘Tropo is broken’.
Mobile APIs Talk Next Wednesday
Daniel Salber and I will be giving the next Appsterdam Weekly Wednesday Lecture on mobile APIs. The talk is on Wednesday July 27 at 12:30 at Vijzelstraat 20, Amsterdam. Here is our talk description: Many mobile apps get data or send data to a server. What are the issues in implementing this kind of apps? […] Read more – ‘Mobile APIs Talk Next Wednesday’.
Working Around Bad Mobile Proxies
For some reason it seems like when you access the internet wirelessly you’re asking for trouble: invariably you’ll run into flakey WiFi connections and weird cellular data problems. There are are two problems that I frequently encounter, WiFi networks hijacking your requests so you log into their site first and cellular data ‘accelerators’ messing up […] Read more – ‘Working Around Bad Mobile Proxies’.
The Facebook Login Button and logging into your webapp
Recently I’m been working on a single sign-on system (SSO, in the biz) and this week I added support for logging into the SSO via the Facebook Login Button. It’s cool that you can have a user log into you website using Facebook but as it stands there are a few… unfortunate… aspects to the system, all […] Read more – ‘The Facebook Login Button and logging into your webapp’.
Introduction to the AnyMeta API
Recently I’ve been working on a project for Mediamatic (hopefully more later)  and a key part of my work involves using the REST API for their AnyMeta community management system. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of documentation out there either for AnyMeta in general or for its API in specific. There’s the user guide if […] Read more – ‘Introduction to the AnyMeta API’.
I whipped TLDapi up in the last few days. If you’re a programmer and you want a way to check if an exotic top level domain a user sent you is real, use the API to check. Read more – ‘TLDapi’.
oAuth on App Engine, Part 2
In my previous post I described how to use Google’s federated login to get an oAuth access token. Now that we’ve stored our access token, we’re going to want to use it in future requests to access the user’s data. Here’s how: # set up service gdata_service = gdata.service.GDataService() gdata.alt.appengine.run_on_appengine(gdata_service) gdata_service.SetOAuthInputParameters(gdata.auth.OAuthSignatureMethod.HMAC_SHA1, settings.GOOGLE_CONSUMER_KEY, settings.GOOGLE_CONSUMER_SECRET) # build […] Read more – ‘oAuth on App Engine, Part 2’.