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Mobile APIs Talk Next Wednesday
Daniel Salber and I will be giving the next Appsterdam Weekly Wednesday Lecture on mobile APIs. The talk is on Wednesday July 27 at 12:30 at Vijzelstraat 20, Amsterdam. Here is our talk description: Many mobile apps get data or send data to a server. What are the issues in implementing this kind of apps? […] Read more – ‘Mobile APIs Talk Next Wednesday’.
oAuth on App Engine, Part 2
In my previous post I described how to use Google’s federated login to get an oAuth access token. Now that we’ve stored our access token, we’re going to want to use it in future requests to access the user’s data. Here’s how: # set up service gdata_service = gdata.service.GDataService() gdata.alt.appengine.run_on_appengine(gdata_service) gdata_service.SetOAuthInputParameters(gdata.auth.OAuthSignatureMethod.HMAC_SHA1, settings.GOOGLE_CONSUMER_KEY, settings.GOOGLE_CONSUMER_SECRET) # build […] Read more – ‘oAuth on App Engine, Part 2’.
Installing the Google App Engine SDK and Django 1.0.2
This was quite tricky for me, so I’m writing this down to share it with others. Install the SDK Simply download the SDK and install it. On Mac OS X that meant that I mounted the disk image, dragged the SDK app to my applications directory, and launched it. Make sure to give the app […] Read more – ‘Installing the Google App Engine SDK and Django 1.0.2’.