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The Two Thirds Rule
The Two Thirds Rule is very simple: for all the people that sign up for a free event, only 2/3 of them will attend. This has been true at all the Lunch 2.0s and BarCamps I organize (BarCamp Amsterdam IV being the exception) and I know it was also true at the TechCrunch/eBuddy Meetup. I […] Read more – ‘The Two Thirds Rule’.
Upcoming Events I’m Organizing
This Friday sees Lunch 2.0 visiting Utrecht for the first time, where will be hosted by iDiDiD. On August 22 we have a Lunch 2.0 at Sogeti in Diemen. Finally at the end of the month, I am hosting an iPhone Dev Camp on August 30 at my office. We’ve had a huge response to […] Read more – ‘Upcoming Events I’m Organizing’.
I apologize for writing this after the fact, but last Saturday I was proud to host BarCamp Amsterdam IV at my office. The event was a fabulous success, with people from six countries (Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Sweden, Finland, and Romania) attending, including several startup founders who had presented at The Next Web Conference. Building on […] Read more – ‘BarCamps’.