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At the end of last year I found myself with a bunch of advertising credit for the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool and no pressing need to advertise my business (you’re already here on the Bubble Foundry blog, right?). So, my friends and I decided to have some fun and make it into an art project, […] Read more – ‘Artvertentie’.
Introduction to Case Classes
I’ve been recently chatting with the creator of match-js about how his library and caseclass.js might work together and I ended up writting quite a bit about case classes. Enjoy. Scala is a newish object-oriented/functional hybrid language that runs on the JVM. It actually takes a lot of concepts from Erlang, such as its actor […] Read more – ‘Introduction to Case Classes’.
Javascript Console
With all my recent Javascript experiments, I wanted a browser-independent Javascript console more and more. I found Rhino and have been using it for the last month or so. It’s proven pretty useful, and it was quite easy to install: I simply copied js.jar to /usr/local/rhino/ and then added the following to my .profile for […] Read more – ‘Javascript Console’.
Javascript Coolness
I’m really excited about how option.js and caseclass.js are coming along. I just committed a bunch of additions, with case classes now supporting simple extractors and options now iterable. Read more – ‘Javascript Coolness’.