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A Mobile Tablet Interface
Recently I developed with Alexander Zeh an interface for an Android tablet app for the agents in an African mobile payment network. It was a pitch for the company, and while we weren’t selected we’re quite happy with our work and decided to share it with you. You can find our designs and analysis at http://bubblefoundry.com/tabletinterface/. Read more – ‘A Mobile Tablet Interface’.
Tropo is broken
Oh. my. god. What a giant disaster. I’ve been raving about how awesome Tropo is at handling SMSes to everyone I talk to, but no more. Tropo expects EVERY interaction to be the in the form of a response to a request that they’ve POSTed to your API endpoint. Everything is part of a session […] Read more – ‘Tropo is broken’.
Mobile APIs Talk Next Wednesday
Daniel Salber and I will be giving the next Appsterdam Weekly Wednesday Lecture on mobile APIs. The talk is on Wednesday July 27 at 12:30 at Vijzelstraat 20, Amsterdam. Here is our talk description: Many mobile apps get data or send data to a server. What are the issues in implementing this kind of apps? […] Read more – ‘Mobile APIs Talk Next Wednesday’.
Presentation is Important
If you do it right, your customers will become your best salespeople. Android G1 Box from Alper Çugun on Vimeo. From Alper. Read more – ‘Presentation is Important’.
What is Web Design?
For those interested in better understand web design, I highly recommend the article “Understanding Web Design” in A List Apart. In the piece Jeffrey Zeldman make a convincing case for the uniqueness of web design and draws an interesting analogy to typography. Read more – ‘What is Web Design?’.