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Calendar is not being updated
As you may have noticed, I have stopped updating my Dutch tech meetups calendar. I’m afraid it’s just too hard to do from New York while busy with Lua. Since I know that a lot of people and sites rely upon the calendar, it’d be great if someone would be willing to step in and keep […] Read more – ‘Calendar is not being updated’.
MCing at Kings of Code
This is totally last minute, but I’ll be MCing the backend development track at Kings of Code. There are a bunch of great speakers from around the world talking about all sorts fo fun stuff like real-time apps, Git, Go, and more. Hope to see you there! Read more – ‘MCing at Kings of Code’.
How I maintain my events calendar
Chris asked how I maintain the Dutch Tech Meetups Calendar since he’s working on his own calendar for Berlin. Here’s the answer: I manually add events to the calendar, though it’s pretty easy since most are on Meetup. You could import a feed, for example the feed of Meetup events you’re attending, but I don’t attend most […] Read more – ‘How I maintain my events calendar’.
Grammar-Based Event Logging
This is a big one, so hold tight! One of the most common tasks in any application, on the web or otherwise, is logging. The list of uses for a good log of events occurring within your application ‘space’ is practically infinite, but at the simplest we can say that a log lets the developer […] Read more – ‘Grammar-Based Event Logging’.
The Two Thirds Rule
The Two Thirds Rule is very simple: for all the people that sign up for a free event, only 2/3 of them will attend. This has been true at all the Lunch 2.0s and BarCamps I organize (BarCamp Amsterdam IV being the exception) and I know it was also true at the TechCrunch/eBuddy Meetup. I […] Read more – ‘The Two Thirds Rule’.