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Functional Programming in Lift
I gave a talk at Amsterdam.scala last month about how Lift makes use of functional paradigms for many of the common tasks. Read more – ‘Functional Programming in Lift’.
PHP Closures
PHP 5.3 has added support for true anonymous functions and closures. Unfortunately, there are a few gotchas. The main one is that no variables are automatically enclosed: you must specify the variables you want to enclose. So, this will cause an exception: $a = 2; $f = function($i) { return $i + $a; } $f(1); […] Read more – ‘PHP Closures’.
My latest Scala-inspired Javascript library: pf.js
What is a function? While many use the words ‘method’ and ‘function’ interchangeably, more mathematically-inclined programmers make a distinction between functions and methods based on between you are guaranteed a return value. Scala is one programming language that makes a distinction between functions and methods (though it’s actually pretty easy to jump between the two). […] Read more – ‘My latest Scala-inspired Javascript library: pf.js’.