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Heroku and Naked Domains
I’ve really loving running apps on Heroku, but unfortunately their routing mesh means that they only support custom domains on a subdomain (http://www.mydomain.com), not on the raw domain (http://mydomain.com). Luckily today I discovered an option buried in the Google Apps settings to do this: Just specify the subdomain for which you have a CNAME pointing […] Read more – ‘Heroku and Naked Domains’.
This is why Google Maps is so good
Check out the blog post Google LatLong: Evolving the look of Google Maps and I’m sure you’ll agree that Google Maps is by far the most usable and aesthetically pleasing online mapping service out there. Read more – ‘This is why Google Maps is so good’.
Emerce eDay
Just a quick note that I’ll be talking about Google Wave at the social media tools session at Emerce eDay on September 17 in Rotterdam. Read more – ‘Emerce eDay’.
oAuth on App Engine, Part 2
In my previous post I described how to use Google’s federated login to get an oAuth access token. Now that we’ve stored our access token, we’re going to want to use it in future requests to access the user’s data. Here’s how: # set up service gdata_service = gdata.service.GDataService() gdata.alt.appengine.run_on_appengine(gdata_service) gdata_service.SetOAuthInputParameters(gdata.auth.OAuthSignatureMethod.HMAC_SHA1, settings.GOOGLE_CONSUMER_KEY, settings.GOOGLE_CONSUMER_SECRET) # build […] Read more – ‘oAuth on App Engine, Part 2’.
OpenID and oAuth on App Engine
Building on my previous post, here are some things I learned today while working to get OpenID and oAuth playing nicely with Django on App Engine. While App Engine has a very nice login system that hooks seamlessly into Google Accounts, gaining access to the user’s data via one of the Gdata feeds requires an […] Read more – ‘OpenID and oAuth on App Engine’.
Installing the Google App Engine SDK and Django 1.0.2
This was quite tricky for me, so I’m writing this down to share it with others. Install the SDK Simply download the SDK and install it. On Mac OS X that meant that I mounted the disk image, dragged the SDK app to my applications directory, and launched it. Make sure to give the app […] Read more – ‘Installing the Google App Engine SDK and Django 1.0.2’.
Conference Season
Or, should I spend a month in Silicon Valley soon? May 19-21 is Where 2.0 May 27-28 is Google I/O June 8-12 is WWDC All nice events and ones that are relevant to the work I’m doing but not cheap… Will you be at any of these conferences? Read more – ‘Conference Season’.
Google says it very succinctly: “HTML5 and WebKit pave the way for mobile web applications.” HTML5 is coming and it has a lot of interesting features, from audio and video support to local storage. Combine this with the fact that web apps are a particularly attractive way to reach many mobile platforms and the WebKit […] Read more – ‘HTML5’.
Google versus Yahoo
It’s pretty obvious who’s winning the battle for user attention. I really love Yahoo services such as Upcoming and Flickr but you can’t lose site of the fact that most of them are niche services. Read more – ‘Google versus Yahoo’.
Maps of Human Tragedies
For some reason I have run across a lot of Google Maps mashups in the last 24 hours ago dealing with the less happy side of life. In fact, they (almost) all show recent or event real time events. Some examples: Public911.com plots 911 calls in Seattle as they happen. Alarmeringen.nl shows emergency calls throughout […] Read more – ‘Maps of Human Tragedies’.