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HTML and XML Character Encoding Gotchas in Javascript
Recently I was trying to execute the following Javascript with jQuery: $("#someid").append("<div>...&deg;C</div>"); I was going crazy because it worked (a degrees symbol – ° – was shown) on one page but not another, where nothing was displayed or returned by the append method. After much frustration I stumbled on a solution and I’m sharing it […] Read more – ‘HTML and XML Character Encoding Gotchas in Javascript’.
Vodafone Mobile Widget Camp
I’m one of the organizers of the Mobile Widget Camp on May 2. The free event is taking place at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. Daniel Appelquist (Vodafone Betavine), Peter-Paul Koch (Quirksmode), and Elliot Kember (Carsonified) are among the speakers in the morning, so you’re guaranteed to get a great introduction to Vodafone/Opera widgets. Beside these […] Read more – ‘Vodafone Mobile Widget Camp’.