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On daily coupon companies
A friend just emailed me saying he’s helping a successful American daily coupon company recruit people in Amsterdam and Munich: i have friends in common with their HR and they’re contracting me to look for suitable candidates as part of their massive european expansion, starting with germany and the netherlands. they will be filling various […] Read more – ‘On daily coupon companies’.
Thoughts on Job Posting Responses
Recently I have posted notices about Equal Networks looking for visualization and Lift and Scala help. Perhaps I was too oblique in my wording, but in my mind “very young startup” means “practically no money.” Several who responded to my postings were looking for well-paid positions, whether contract or as an employee. While I appreciate […] Read more – ‘Thoughts on Job Posting Responses’.
We Need This
I am so excited about Jailbreaking Picnic. It’s today (Thursday September 25) at the Westergasfabriek. A bunch of Amsterdam startups setting up a huge party on the public park right in front of PICNIC and showing that you don’t need money to kick ass. I hope it doesn’t sound silly to say that I’m really […] Read more – ‘We Need This’.