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Functional Programming in Lift
I gave a talk at Amsterdam.scala last month about how Lift makes use of functional paradigms for many of the common tasks. Read more – ‘Functional Programming in Lift’.
Using Lift’s Menu.params
Quick note for fellow Lift developers: I was happily using a Menu.param when I decided to use a Menu.params instead (see the ScalaDocs) in the hopes of both more descriptive URLs and less to calculate on the actual page. While implementing it wasn’t too hard, my new URL pattern for the menu entry was a […] Read more – ‘Using Lift’s Menu.params’.
Towards a Scala DSL for Javascript
Reposting from the Lift mailing list. For some time know I’ve been thinking about how cool it’d be to be able to essentially write Javascript but with all the Scala goodiness behind the scenes. Lift already has abstractions for more common Javascript language elements, so I have suspected that it could be used as the […] Read more – ‘Towards a Scala DSL for Javascript’.
Authenticating Requests in Lift Using HTTP Dispatch Guards
The canonical – I’m making a leap to say that, but why not – way to add REST APIs to a Lift app is to append them to one of the app’s dispatch tables, either stateful or stateless. David and Tim have examples of using them to ensure a user is logged in, however both […] Read more – ‘Authenticating Requests in Lift Using HTTP Dispatch Guards’.
Amsterdam Lift Meetup
If you’re not on the Lift mailing list you might not know that I am organizing a little meetup this Wednesday January 26 at 19:00 at Café Kobalt here in Amsterdam. If you’re interested in Lift, Scala, or just web frameworks in general, come on by! Read more – ‘Amsterdam Lift Meetup’.
Because I love making stupid little libraries I’m proud to present CAP, “CAP is an experiment is stateful PHP form handling.” As you can see, closures are bound to form elements. Pretty cool, no? PHP 5.3+ only. Read more – ‘CAP’.
Lift Presentation at DuSE VI
I gave an introductory presentation on Lift last night at DuSE VI. You can download the pretty PDF or view in on Slideshare. And guess what, it’s already out of date: 2.0 is now out! Read more – ‘Lift Presentation at DuSE VI’.
Nginx Sitting in Front of Apache
On my Slicehost virtual server (signup with my referral link) I originally set up Apache as my web server, with a bunch of virtual hosts to manage serve different domains. This has worked well but I am now working on projects (namely Lift apps running in Jetty) where Nginx is a much better solution. So, I […] Read more – ‘Nginx Sitting in Front of Apache’.
Understanding Lift’s SiteMap
This post will probably only be useful for people developing using Scala and the Lift framework so, my other readers, consider yourself warned! Read more – ‘Understanding Lift’s SiteMap’.
Scala and Javascript
I’m really liking Scala and its premiere web framework, Lift, so if you’re interested in building web apps in a language that mixes functional and object-oriented paradigms well and does cool concurrency stuff, check them out. As I’ve been really getting into Javascript this year, I’ve been seeing a lot of parallels between Scala’s functional […] Read more – ‘Scala and Javascript’.