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Future Shock
I gave a talk yesterday at the Brooklyn Swift Meetup about futures, covering both why they’re interesting and what we specifically gain by using them in Swift.   Read more – ‘Future Shock’.
Calendar is not being updated
As you may have noticed, I have stopped updating my Dutch tech meetups calendar. I’m afraid it’s just too hard to do from New York while busy with Lua. Since I know that a lot of people and sites rely upon the calendar, it’d be great if someone would be willing to step in and keep […] Read more – ‘Calendar is not being updated’.
Amsterdam Lift Meetup
If you’re not on the Lift mailing list you might not know that I am organizing a little meetup this Wednesday January 26 at 19:00 at Café Kobalt here in Amsterdam. If you’re interested in Lift, Scala, or just web frameworks in general, come on by! Read more – ‘Amsterdam Lift Meetup’.