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3 Desks Available in My Office
Come join me and Frank, an iOS developer, at our office on the second floor of the Volkskrantgebouw and just down the hall from startups like Bottlenose, Ideedock, and Spaaza. The rent is €110.35 a month per desk, including BTW. Read more – ‘3 Desks Available in My Office’.
My Office Might Be the Best Amsterdam Incubator
Startup incubators are all the rage right now (in fact, they might have jumped the shark ;-), and Rockstart is the talk of the town here in Amsterdam. But I was just thinking the other day, my office actually has a pretty nice record of interesting startups. Some organizations that have spent time here: Bits of […] Read more – ‘My Office Might Be the Best Amsterdam Incubator’.
Two Desks Available in My Office
The title says it all. The rent is approximately €90 ex BTW per desk and you’d be sharing the 43 m2 space with me and Tupil, aka Ben and Eelco. The desks are available because Spaaza is moving down the hall to the office I mentioned earlier, which means that the tech scene on our […] Read more – ‘Two Desks Available in My Office’.
Office Available in the Volkskrantgebouw
There’s an office available down the hall from mine, right next to @ouroffice. The space is 35m² and a steal at €375/month (including super fast internet, and all taxes). It’d be great to have another startup or otherwise group of techies in the house! Read more – ‘Office Available in the Volkskrantgebouw’.
Office Space in the Volkskrantgebouw
First, Bottlenose and moving down the hall to their own office next to @ouroffice. That means that there will be two desks available in my office from August 1. The price is approximately €95 per desk per month. Second, EHGZ is moving out of the office next to mine. Their space would be great for […] Read more – ‘Office Space in the Volkskrantgebouw’.
Seats Available in My Office
There are now two seats available in the office in the old Volkskrantgebouw on Wibautstraat. You’d be sharing a 45 m2 room with me, Eelco, and Sjoerd. We’re nice, friendly coders and don’t cause a lot of fuss. It’d be nice if you were there same, though being a coder isn’t a requirement by any […] Read more – ‘Seats Available in My Office’.
Silicon Valley
I am working in Silicon Valley this summer. If you need to reach me, please email me at peter@bubblefoundry.com. Also, since I am out of Amsterdam, I’m not using my office and am looking for renters. Read more – ‘Silicon Valley’.
Officemates Wanted!
Travis is leaving us for an awesome job at Frog Design next month, so we are now looking for a new officemate starting from June 1. Do you want to share an office with 3 techy guys in the old Volkskrantgebouw for just a little over €100 a month? If so, please get in touch: […] Read more – ‘Officemates Wanted!’.
Work With Me
I currently share the office with three friends but at least one (maybe two) of them can no longer use it and would like to find someone to take his place. Our 45 m2 office is on the second floor of the Volkskrantgebouw, in the northeast corner facing Wibautstraat. The rent per person is approximately […] Read more – ‘Work With Me’.