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Continuous Improvement
I gave this talk the other week at the Brooklyn iOS Meetup. Read more – ‘Continuous Improvement’.
Presentation this Thursday at the Microsoft TechDays GeekNight
I’ll be giving my Mobile APIs: Client and server should be friends presentation (sans Daniel this time) at GeekNight. It’s part of the Microsoft’s annual TechDays conference, and my presentation will be at 19:15 on Thursday in the Hague. The presentation should be a good intermediate-level overview of API development in service of awesome mobile apps, and it […] Read more – ‘Presentation this Thursday at the Microsoft TechDays GeekNight’.
How to demo
I’ve been going to a lot of hackathons recently and one thing that often jumped out at me is how bad many developers are at demoing their hacks at the end of the events. For those that aren’t hackathon regulars, they are events where developers get together for a day or two to make quick […] Read more – ‘How to demo’.
Hacking in Scala
Two weeks ago I attended CPH Scala and gave a little presentation on ‘hacking in Scala’. As I see it, that means just using Scala for all sorts of projects, from bigger ones to little utilities thrown together in an hour or two. In general I’m quite happy with things, though I am always looking […] Read more – ‘Hacking in Scala’.
Lift Presentation at DuSE VI
I gave an introductory presentation on Lift last night at DuSE VI. You can download the pretty PDF or view in on Slideshare. And guess what, it’s already out of date: 2.0 is now out! Read more – ‘Lift Presentation at DuSE VI’.
Mashup Day Presentation
I gave my first ‘professional’ presentation today at the Mashup Day of the Dutch public broadcasters in Hilversum. I was the first speaker and hopefully got people in the mood, inspired to build mashups and equiped with a better sense of how to go about conceptualizing them. You can view my presentation on Prezi or […] Read more – ‘Mashup Day Presentation’.
Presentation is Important
If you do it right, your customers will become your best salespeople. Android G1 Box from Alper Çugun on Vimeo. From Alper. Read more – ‘Presentation is Important’.