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Subscribing to collection changes using ReactiveCocoa
When selecting items from a list in an iOS app, e.g. a table view of address book entries, we’ll often keep track of the selected items using a mutable container, whether an array or a set. It, follows, then that we might want to only enable the Submit button once at least one item has […] Read more – ‘Subscribing to collection changes using ReactiveCocoa’.
Subscribing to RestKit changes using ReactiveCocoa
Here at Lua we’re using both RestKit and ReactiveCocoa in our iOS app. Today we ran into a problem: we wanted to update a UI element in a view controller based upon changes to an object retrieved via RestKit. We had something like: RAC(self.nameLabel, text) = RACObserve(user, name); However, the UI never updated! Why? Knowing […] Read more – ‘Subscribing to RestKit changes using ReactiveCocoa’.