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Android SDK Add-Ons
I’m very happy with avd and plan to continue improving it, but I though it would be worth pointing out the many of the device manufacturers actually have SDK add-ons that provide skins and device profiles like avd does. Of course, theirs tend to be locked behind screenfulls of legalese, but hey, what can you do? In no […] Read more – ‘Android SDK Add-Ons’.
Installing Android Apps via USB using the Android SDK
I had some trouble installing an Android app I was testing today over the internet so I used the SDK. I’m working with a tester with a Windows machine who didn’t have the SDK, so I wrote up the steps so they could do the same. It’s essentially the same on OS X or Linux. […] Read more – ‘Installing Android Apps via USB using the Android SDK’.
Installing the Google App Engine SDK and Django 1.0.2
This was quite tricky for me, so I’m writing this down to share it with others. Install the SDK Simply download the SDK and install it. On Mac OS X that meant that I mounted the disk image, dragged the SDK app to my applications directory, and launched it. Make sure to give the app […] Read more – ‘Installing the Google App Engine SDK and Django 1.0.2’.