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Future Shock
I gave a talk yesterday at the Brooklyn Swift Meetup about futures, covering both why they’re interesting and what we specifically gain by using them in Swift.   Read more – ‘Future Shock’.
MCing at Kings of Code
This is totally last minute, but I’ll be MCing the backend development track at Kings of Code. There are a bunch of great speakers from around the world talking about all sorts fo fun stuff like real-time apps, Git, Go, and more. Hope to see you there! Read more – ‘MCing at Kings of Code’.
Talk at TU Delft
Last Wednesday I gave a guest lecture in the course “ICT Design: Valorization and mobile applications,” part of the ICT Management and Design Masters program at TU Delft. I talked for almost two hours on my perspective on the business of app development as a freelancer and independent developer. The students asked insightful questions, and I […] Read more – ‘Talk at TU Delft’.
Command Line Workshop at Campus Party
I will be giving a reprise session of my Gidsy command line workshop at Campus Party in Berlin on August 22. If you’re interested in learning how to use your computer’s command line and are in the area, please come by! Read more – ‘Command Line Workshop at Campus Party’.
Open Data Talk at the HvA
I gave a lecture on open data and cities to my friend Laura’s City Discourse class at the CMD program of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Rather than going too much into technical issues I discussed the politics of open data, both how it’s a contested and even controversial issue, and why students should care about […] Read more – ‘Open Data Talk at the HvA’.
Presentation this Thursday at the Microsoft TechDays GeekNight
I’ll be giving my Mobile APIs: Client and server should be friends presentation (sans Daniel this time) at GeekNight. It’s part of the Microsoft’s annual TechDays conference, and my presentation will be at 19:15 on Thursday in the Hague. The presentation should be a good intermediate-level overview of API development in service of awesome mobile apps, and it […] Read more – ‘Presentation this Thursday at the Microsoft TechDays GeekNight’.
Speaking Events Next Week
Next week I will be speaking/participating in two conferences. First, on Friday November 25 I will be in Eindehoven at How Do You Do, part of the cool STRP festival. I’ll be talking app making, fundraising, and all the various other things that I ‘do’. On Sunday the 27th I will lead a breakout session […] Read more – ‘Speaking Events Next Week’.
Reminder: Speaking at Emerce eDay on Thursday
I’m presenting Google Wave at a session on social media tools at Emerce eDay this Thursday in Rotterdam. There are a bunch of great speakers scheduled, so if you can still get a pass, I highly encourage you to make it out there. Read more – ‘Reminder: Speaking at Emerce eDay on Thursday’.
Vote for Me!
As you can see on the side of the page, I need your votes! I submitted a SXSW panel on the European startup scene and I’d love your support so we can go to Austin next Spring and tell everyone what’s up! Read more – ‘Vote for Me!’.
Emerce eDay
Just a quick note that I’ll be talking about Google Wave at the social media tools session at Emerce eDay on September 17 in Rotterdam. Read more – ‘Emerce eDay’.