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The whole web world…
… eleven years ago. Brilliant. Read more – ‘The whole web world…’.
My Office Might Be the Best Amsterdam Incubator
Startup incubators are all the rage right now (in fact, they might have jumped the shark ;-), and Rockstart is the talk of the town here in Amsterdam. But I was just thinking the other day, my office actually has a pretty nice record of interesting startups. Some organizations that have spent time here: Bits of […] Read more – ‘My Office Might Be the Best Amsterdam Incubator’.
A Handcrafted Curated Selection of Handcrafted Curated Selections of Products Sites
As I said the other day: If only recently people were bemoaning that “the best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads” (and they’re right), then now I’ve noticed another trend: an explosion new startups, many by friends of mine, selling various ‘heritage’, ‘handcrafted’, etc, etc products that people probably […] Read more – ‘A Handcrafted Curated Selection of Handcrafted Curated Selections of Products Sites’.
Idea Guy Looking for Developer
It happens all the time: someone thinks they have a great idea and all they need is a developer to implement it and internet riches will roll in. Recently someone sent me a (nice and very reasonable) email about how they had been developing their idea and now were looking for developers. Their efforts to […] Read more – ‘Idea Guy Looking for Developer’.
Vote for Me!
As you can see on the side of the page, I need your votes! I submitted a SXSW panel on the European startup scene and I’d love your support so we can go to Austin next Spring and tell everyone what’s up! Read more – ‘Vote for Me!’.
Regional Startup Blogs
I was just at Slush Helsinki, a fantastic startup conference, and I learned about some regional startup blogs: ArabCrunch – Arab world Deutsche Startups – Germany. I made a translated RSS feed for those of us who aren’t native speakers. Plus, I hope you already know: ArcticStartup – Nordic and Baltic countries. My good friend […] Read more – ‘Regional Startup Blogs’.
We Need This
I am so excited about Jailbreaking Picnic. It’s today (Thursday September 25) at the Westergasfabriek. A bunch of Amsterdam startups setting up a huge party on the public park right in front of PICNIC and showing that you don’t need money to kick ass. I hope it doesn’t sound silly to say that I’m really […] Read more – ‘We Need This’.
Public Appearances
I am part of the Hot 100 ‘up-and-coming creative media talent of the Netherlands’ and will be at the Picnic Conference in Amsterdam on September 25. Since there’s 100 of us, I think it’s mostly just a networking event. Either way, I’m excited to be part of the day. On October 2 I will be […] Read more – ‘Public Appearances’.
Culture and Entrepreneurshop
A friend doing a research project at LSE sent me some questions about the relationship to culture and entrepreneurship. I think my answers might be interesting, so I’m reposting them here. Please describe your past or current internet projects. Currently I make websites for startups under the moniker Bubble Foundry. I’m very passionate about improving […] Read more – ‘Culture and Entrepreneurshop’.
Upcoming Events I’m Organizing
This Friday sees Lunch 2.0 visiting Utrecht for the first time, where will be hosted by iDiDiD. On August 22 we have a Lunch 2.0 at Sogeti in Diemen. Finally at the end of the month, I am hosting an iPhone Dev Camp on August 30 at my office. We’ve had a huge response to […] Read more – ‘Upcoming Events I’m Organizing’.