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Future Shock
I gave a talk yesterday at the Brooklyn Swift Meetup about futures, covering both why they’re interesting and what we specifically gain by using them in Swift.   Read more – ‘Future Shock’.
Continuous Improvement
I gave this talk the other week at the Brooklyn iOS Meetup. Read more – ‘Continuous Improvement’.
Open Data Talk at the HvA
I gave a lecture on open data and cities to my friend Laura’s City Discourse class at the CMD program of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Rather than going too much into technical issues I discussed the politics of open data, both how it’s a contested and even controversial issue, and why students should care about […] Read more – ‘Open Data Talk at the HvA’.
CocoaHeads NL on August 16
I have taken over the reigns of CocoaHeads NL from Cathy Shive and the first event of the relaunched group will be this coming Tuesday, 16 August 2011, at 19:00 at de Waag. Daniel Salber and I will presenting an accelerated version of the mobile APIs talk we gave a few weeks go at the […] Read more – ‘CocoaHeads NL on August 16’.
My Talk at Quantified Self Amsterdam
Peter Robinett – Quantifiying productivity from Quantified Self Amsterdam on Vimeo. Above is the talk on how I track my productivity I gave this Monday at the first every Quantified Self Amsterdam meetup. It was a lot of fun and I think my presentation went quite well considering that I literally spent five minutes preparing. Read more – ‘My Talk at Quantified Self Amsterdam’.
Lift Presentation at DuSE VI
I gave an introductory presentation on Lift last night at DuSE VI. You can download the pretty PDF or view in on Slideshare. And guess what, it’s already out of date: 2.0 is now out! Read more – ‘Lift Presentation at DuSE VI’.