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Continuous Improvement
I gave this talk the other week at the Brooklyn iOS Meetup. Read more – ‘Continuous Improvement’.
iOS Code Coverage Revisited
My earlier post on iOS code coverage reports was, if not wrong, at least sub-optimal. You still need to set Generate Test Coverage Files and Instrument Program Flow to Yes for the Debug build configuration. Instead of manually flushing the coverage data upon finishing each test, it’s better to flush it have the entire testing. Likewise […] Read more – ‘iOS Code Coverage Revisited’.
Generating iOS Code Coverage Reports
2013-11-13: I have found a better way to generate the coverage reports for all source files. As part of the testing an iOS app, I want to make sure that I am actually covering important areas of my application with tests. Xcode 5 (and previous versions) has code coverage support, but it’s not obvious. Here’s […] Read more – ‘Generating iOS Code Coverage Reports’.
Introducing Chaos Monkey
At the Next Web Hackathon I whipped a fun little tool called Chaos Monkey. Inspired by Netflix, I made a Scala program that randomly takes up and down your AWS EC2 instances. Why would anyone do that? Simple, to design for and work around failure. And it’s kinda funny! It’s early days but perhaps you […] Read more – ‘Introducing Chaos Monkey’.
Generating Android Virtual Devices
The Android Emulator supports different virtual devices, including with interface skins, so you can test your apps on different ‘devices’ before actually transferring it to an Android device. These definitions are created with the command android create avd but unfortunately there’s no shared repository of device information and only a few walkthroughs. I stayed up […] Read more – ‘Generating Android Virtual Devices’.