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Cordova Native Video Plugin
Recently I’ve been working with Arjan on a Cordova (PhoneGap) app for AT5, the local TV station in Amsterdam. While HTML5 video tags work just fine in the app, playing a video kicks you out of the app and into Mobile Safari. Since that’s not the nicest user experience, we wanted to add a native […] Read more – ‘Cordova Native Video Plugin’.
My Talk at Quantified Self Amsterdam
Peter Robinett – Quantifiying productivity from Quantified Self Amsterdam on Vimeo. Above is the talk on how I track my productivity I gave this Monday at the first every Quantified Self Amsterdam meetup. It was a lot of fun and I think my presentation went quite well considering that I literally spent five minutes preparing. Read more – ‘My Talk at Quantified Self Amsterdam’.
At the Dutch GTUG HTML5 Hackathon I decided to make an HTML5 TV. My HTML5 TV uses a whole grab bag of hot web features:  CSS 3, SVG, the canvas element, the video element, and HTTP live streaming video. In theory the TV works in all of the most recent versions of the Safari browser variants. […] Read more – ‘HTML5 TV’.
HTML5 Video Transformation
This week I’ve been messing around with the HTML5 video element and have discovered you can do some pretty cool stuff. For instance, Mozilla shows how to do greenscreen image replacement while a video is played. This is very cool but there’s an annoying intermediate step required: since you cannot directly fetch raw frame image […] Read more – ‘HTML5 Video Transformation’.