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3 Desks Available in My Office
Come join me and Frank, an iOS developer, at our office on the second floor of the Volkskrantgebouw and just down the hall from startups like Bottlenose, Ideedock, and Spaaza. The rent is €110.35 a month per desk, including BTW. Read more – ‘3 Desks Available in My Office’.
Office Space in the Volkskrantgebouw
First, Bottlenose and moving down the hall to their own office next to @ouroffice. That means that there will be two desks available in my office from August 1. The price is approximately €95 per desk per month. Second, EHGZ is moving out of the office next to mine. Their space would be great for […] Read more – ‘Office Space in the Volkskrantgebouw’.
Officemates Wanted!
Travis is leaving us for an awesome job at Frog Design next month, so we are now looking for a new officemate starting from June 1. Do you want to share an office with 3 techy guys in the old Volkskrantgebouw for just a little over €100 a month? If so, please get in touch: […] Read more – ‘Officemates Wanted!’.
Honderdhandigen Party
I rent my office in the Volkskrantgebouw as part of the Honderdhandigen group. We are having an opening party on February 1 and I invite anyone interested in the building to come by and check it out. With Lunch 2.0 at eBuddy at noon, I’ve got most of your day planned out for you! Read more – ‘Honderdhandigen Party’.