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Projects: Phone apps

Android Tablet Mobile Payments Interface
Topika was asked to come up with a design for the interface of an Android tablet app for a mobile payments system to be launched in East Africa. Specifically, they were asked to develop mockups for the screens an agent would see when taking cash deposits from new or existing users. They invited me to work […] Read more – ‘Android Tablet Mobile Payments Interface’.
   Developed iFebo for Dutch fast food chain Febo, with Daniel Salber and Martijn Wuite. Martijn was our team’s primary contact with Febo, while I worked with Daniel and the company behind Febo’s CMS to define the data model and implement an API for the app in the CMS. I also wrote a push notification server in Scala and the Lift […] Read more – ‘iFebo’.
This is one of my own and not yet launched, but I think it deserves inclusion to give a sense of what else I can do at the intersection of iPhones and web services. Mulled over with friends last summer. Hacked together a CakePHP website last August at iPhone Dev Camp while Jesus Fernandez made […] Read more – ‘Mobtest’.
With friends, made high quality app guide to best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Responsible, fun, educational. Videos, photos taken of each store front. Technically wrote app server in Python on App Engine (Django? check). Took API lessons from Smakelijk Amsterdam, made what I think is a top notch JSON API able to really give the iPhone […] Read more – ‘Coffeeshoppr’.
Smakelijk Amsterdam
The app was inspired by Het Parool’s website and its map of reviewed restaurants but this was before iOS 3.0 and MapKit. Solution: use a webpage for the map, and so might as well use a webpage for the entire thing. The PhoneGap framework was used to wrap the webpage into a local app with […] Read more – ‘Smakelijk Amsterdam’.