Bubble Foundry


I want to get you cool, well-paying work. I want to be your representative and to find you challenging and interesting work. I want to be your agent, which mean I’ll work for you, not for the client or just for themselves like a recruiter. Accordingly, I want to only be paid when you get paid and only when it’s because of me.

But what if you already have more projects coming your way than you can handle? In that case, first, congratulations. Second, let me be your filter. Just forward the emails or tell the people to call me. I’ll figure out with the lead whether their project is interesting for you. Also, I know how hard it can be to ask for more money. As a third party it’ll be easier for me to ask for the highest rates possible for you.

And what if you aren’t a freelancer yet but are thinking of taking the plunge? Well, you might want to read my advice on becoming a freelancer first.

Excited? Email me at peter@bubblefoundry.com or call me at +31645157473. Please also fill out my form so I know more about you.


For each project I successfully get you, I ask for a referral fee based upon the following terms:

  • €100 or 10% of what you make, whichever is more. Plus VAT.
  • The percentage is for what you make over the total life of the project or 6 months, whichever is less.
  • Nothing for any subsequent projects with the same client. That includes the initial project once it has expanded beyond its original agreement.


If you tell me about a job opening that I am able to get for one of my other freelancers, I’ll give you a referral credit. A referral credit entitles to choose to not pay me for a gig I get you. You’re not required to use your credit right away, so you can save them for bigger projects.


I expect that you:

  • Tell me your skills and your job and compensation expectations.
  • Keep me reasonably up to date on your availability.
  • Pay me after you successfully complete a project I introduced you for.
  • Are a good communicator and reliable.

If a project doesn’t work out, let me know: remember, I only get paid if you get paid. If there’s a problem, that means that I messed up. Maybe I didn’t get the right understanding of the company’s needs, or maybe I misjudged whether you were the right person for the job. But if you did see the project to completion and got paid, I expect you to tell me and pay my fee. If you don’t I’ll probably find out. Amsterdam’s a small town, so please be honest.


Finally, you may be wondering what skills you need to have? Really, there aren’t many requirements beyond being available for freelance work (that includes being legally allowed to do it) and doing something related to the internet. However, I do need you to be honest about your skills. Let me know which skills you’re best at, which ones you’re just developing, and which ones are rusty but you’re confident would come back quickly in a project. I will add, though, that I’m seeing a lot of demand for iPhone, PHP, and Ruby on Rails programmers. It might be something to consider whether you want to develop those skills, perhaps even if it’s just occasionally to tide you over the cooler but less well-paying jobs.

Sold? You know how to reach me: peter@bubblefoundry.com or +31645157473. Please also fill out my form so I know more about you.