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But it’s ten times cheaper in China?

by Peter.

I was talking to a graphic designer the other day and his first response to hearing my prices was, “I could get the same thing ten times cheaper in China!” But could he? I won’t go into the pros and cons of outsourcing – they are different for every company and every situation – but I will say that such a view is short sighted. My answer to the designer was, “They will give you code. I will give you code and ideas.” While basic web code is a commodity, easily evaluated on the basis of ‘Does it work?”, a successful web design is more than its code, for the greatest code in the world is worthless if it doesn’t speak to viewers, if it alienates its audience. How to make the website? is a good question Why? is much more important.

So some of the many ideas that I provide help answer that Why?, after which the How? becomes obvious. There are are many good companies in China, India and elsewhere that can also provide answers, but I promise you they are not much, if any, cheaper than me.