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Android Tablet Mobile Payments Interface | for
Topika was asked to come up with a design for the interface of an Android tablet app for a mobile payments system to be launched in East Africa. Specifically, they were asked to develop mockups for the screens an agent would see when taking cash deposits from new or existing users. They invited me to work […] Read more – ‘Android Tablet Mobile Payments Interface’.
Open TV | for ,
Topika and I partnered with the artist Vincent Boschma to develop Open TV, an exploration into surveillance and freedom through CCTV cameras placed around the city. There are 9 cameras in public squares in Amsterdam with LCD screens below. People can see themselves on the screens, while others can watch from afar via a 3×3 grid […] Read more – ‘Open TV’.
Film1 | for
Film1, a Dutch premium movie and sports broadcaster, hired me to update the television show listings on their home page. Mostly I just used some CSS-styled divs and jQuery to show the different daily schedules, though I also used Datejs to parse timestamp strings and to display localized date information. It works well on most modern browsers, though […] Read more – ‘Film1’.
iFebo | for
   Developed iFebo for Dutch fast food chain Febo, with Daniel Salber and Martijn Wuite. Martijn was our team’s primary contact with Febo, while I worked with Daniel and the company behind Febo’s CMS to define the data model and implement an API for the app in the CMS. I also wrote a push notification server in Scala and the Lift […] Read more – ‘iFebo’.
Van Hoboken PhD Thesis on Search Engines and Freedom of Expression | for
I edited Joris van Hoboken’s PhD thesis on search engines and freedom expression. Thanks to both having a technical background and being a native English speaker, I was able to follow complex technical and legal arguments and help him simplify and clarify arguments when necessary. It has been accepted and specifically received praise from reviewers for the […] Read more – ‘Van Hoboken PhD Thesis on Search Engines and Freedom of Expression’.
Mediamatic API Design and Documentation | for
Following a blog post on the anyMeta API, I was invited by Mediamatic to help them design and document a new, simpler API. The new API is now live and has extensive documentation on the Mediamatic website, all of which I wrote. Read more – ‘Mediamatic API Design and Documentation’.
Mimesis Republic | for
For this French MMO game developer I made a single sign-on system for their Mamba Nation game using the Scala programming language and theLift web framework. Mimesis Republic Read more – ‘Mimesis Republic’.
Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum | for ,
For this duo of artists I wrote a Python program to help them work with Google Street View 360° images and generate the KML to necessary to view the images in Google Earth. I also wrote a small web framework to enable them to play their Google Earth-based tours in web browsers using the Google Earth Plug-in and Javascript code I wrote […] Read more – ‘Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum’.
Skylines | for
Reviewed their PHP server code looking for SQL or security problems. Identified a variety of potential problems and outlined ways to fix them. Skylines Read more – ‘Skylines’.
Mediamatic | for
I worked on several projects, most significantly being the development of the ANP Archief for ANP, the Dutch national news agency. I was responsible for the code that synchronized the photos and all their metadata between the ANP database and the website. The synchronization tool was written in Python using the Twisted networking framework. In doing this I got […] Read more – ‘Mediamatic’.