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My Blueberry Pancake Recipe

by Peter.

Little known fun fact: I often make blueberry pancakes for Mobile Dev Camp attendees. Someone sent me an email telling me that they’ve been dreaming of my pancakes for the last six months since they had them at the iPhone Dev Camp and could they please have the recipe. How could I refuse!

  • 1 1/2  cups  all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/4 cups milk
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 2 large eggs
  • a pack of blueberries

I’ve found that these numbers make approximately 20 palm-sized pancakes, so feel free to vary the ratios according to popular hunger. Combine all the ingredients but the blueberries in a large mixing bowl and whisk until nicely mixed. Now that it’s mixed well you should add the blueberries and mix slowly until the blueberries are well distributed within the volume of the batter but you haven’t squished any of them. If you feel the batter is too thick or too thin (I find the ratios above run a little on the thick side to my taste), simply add a little bit more milk or flour. This shouldn’t affect the final thickness of the pancakes too much, though naturally it does dilute the effect of the baking soda and powder there.

Once you have your mix ready, get your pan nice and hot and pour some oil on it (I use sunflower oil). Then pour out some batter onto the pan using a cup or similar deep kitchen scooping device. To get a palm-sized pancake you need only a small water glass’ worth of batter. Go slowly so the batter doesn’t run all over the place. I’ve found that the batter bubbles and rises the best when you pour it into a little bit of oil that is almost burning. The oil is very important. While making your pancakes irregularly shaped, pouring the batter into hot oil also gives you nicer, crispier edges and encourages the the pancakes to stay smaller and thicker. We’re making American pancakes here, so we’re shooting for a final pancake about as thick as the blueberries we included in our batter. The baking soda and power are what give you the height, so if you don’t see any rising then you might want to considering adding a little bit more of both to your mix before pouring out the next pancakes.

Of course, you don’t want things to cook too quickly or too slowly. The goal is to have a lot of small bubbles in the batter rather than the batter cooking for a while only to have large belching bubbles. Since this can be tricky, just start with one or two pancakes per pan on a medium-high heat and as you go through your batter and play with oil and temperature combinations you’ll see how the pancakes cook faster over time as the pan heats up. By the end you’ll need to be careful not to burn the pancakes within a minute of pouring the batter into the pan!

Blueberries are the essential ingredient for a heavenly pancake. I like it when the berries really get nice and hot and runny. If that’s too much of a good thing for you, hold off on adding the berries to the mix and add them once your batter has been cooking for a little while and has begun to develop a sort of ‘skin’ on top. This, plus the already firm bottom, will prevent the blueberries from directly touching the pan (just yet) and so they will cook less. Of course, you will still be flipping the pancakes, so sometimes it’s best to just have the berries embedded right in the middle of the batter from the beginning.

Anyway, once you have pancake that you can slide around simply by moving the pan back and forth and a top that’s begun to develop a skin, flip the pancake over. If you’re going for flair points you can flip them using just the pan but watch out of the flying batter if you misjudge the thickness of the skin and the height of your flip! The pancake is more than halfway cooked by this point, so watch it carefully and once the second side is browned, you’re done. Now just the rest of the batter to cook!

Eat with syrup (maple, preferably) and, if you’re felling especially decadent, topped with some rapidly melting butter.

Oh, and my secret? I simply took a Gourmet recipe and removed their orange zest and chocolate chips and replaced them with blueberries!

Now doesn’t sound good? Then make sure to come to the Mobile Dev Camp on April 15 that’s part of The Next Web Conference — who knows, I might be persuaded to make blueberry pancakes again!