Bubble Foundry

Introducing the Seattle Project

by Peter.

Some of you may not know this but my background is actually not in computer science: I have a masters degree in European politics and edited a pan-European magazine on art, current affairs, and travel. As I’ve poured myself into the tech scene in Amsterdam I haven’t had much opportunity to look beyond web startups, but I do try to expand my horizons when given the chance. For example, you may remember the Artvertentie project that I did at the New Year.

Today the website for my latest project, the Seattle Project, went live. The project is a partnership between me and my good friend Kai van Hasselt to research externalities, collective action, and incentives. We’ve posted some information about our first project on urban finance instruments and will be updating it with further information including the awesome poster by EHGZ that we showed in Nairobi. Also, Kai will be speaking in The Hague and London in the next few weeks on the topic, so if you’re around come on by.