Bubble Foundry


by Peter.

By now if you follow me on Twitter (@pr1001, natch) or Facebook you’ve probably seen me talking about this:

Migorio logo

So the natural question is, what is Miogiro? Put simply it’s my latest personal project, a company to help you find the best way to send money from one country to another. Think of it as a Kayak or Skyscanner for money transfer. You can find out more at www.miogiro.com and at the Miogiro Memos blog. Miogiro is on Twitter as @miogiro and on Facebook at facebook.com/miogiro.

I’m doing this (practically) full-time now, as I really want to make a real go of this and shake up the $350 billion a year global money transfer market. What does this mean for Bubble Foundry? But simply, I’m not taking on any larger projects right now, though if you have any small (1 or 2 days) gigs I’d love to hear about them. Think code reviews, bug investigations/fixes, and the like.