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The State of iOS Crash Reporting and Analytics in 2016
A friend just asked about services that could capture all relevant events in an iOS app, whether crashes, user activity, or ad hoc metrics. I told him about how I use Crashlytics but mentioned there are a lot of very similar services. I decided to do some searching, and this is what I found in […] Read more – ‘The State of iOS Crash Reporting and Analytics in 2016’.
oAuth on App Engine, Part 2
In my previous post I described how to use Google’s federated login to get an oAuth access token. Now that we’ve stored our access token, we’re going to want to use it in future requests to access the user’s data. Here’s how: # set up service gdata_service = gdata.service.GDataService() gdata.alt.appengine.run_on_appengine(gdata_service) gdata_service.SetOAuthInputParameters(gdata.auth.OAuthSignatureMethod.HMAC_SHA1, settings.GOOGLE_CONSUMER_KEY, settings.GOOGLE_CONSUMER_SECRET) # build […] Read more – ‘oAuth on App Engine, Part 2’.