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Cordova Native Video Plugin
Recently I’ve been working with Arjan on a Cordova (PhoneGap) app for AT5, the local TV station in Amsterdam. While HTML5 video tags work just fine in the app, playing a video kicks you out of the app and into Mobile Safari. Since that’s not the nicest user experience, we wanted to add a native […] Read more – ‘Cordova Native Video Plugin’.
A Mobile Tablet Interface
Recently I developed with Alexander Zeh an interface for an Android tablet app for the agents in an African mobile payment network. It was a pitch for the company, and while we weren’t selected we’re quite happy with our work and decided to share it with you. You can find our designs and analysis at http://bubblefoundry.com/tabletinterface/. Read more – ‘A Mobile Tablet Interface’.
Installing Android Apps via USB using the Android SDK
I had some trouble installing an Android app I was testing today over the internet so I used the SDK. I’m working with a tester with a Windows machine who didn’t have the SDK, so I wrote up the steps so they could do the same. It’s essentially the same on OS X or Linux. […] Read more – ‘Installing Android Apps via USB using the Android SDK’.