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Email as a message queue
Continuing my thoughts on the continued strengths of email, I throw at the following on Twitter and got a a decent amount of interest: Here’s a (not so) crazy idea: just use email (SMTP + IMAP) as your internal message queue. Need push? IMAP-IDLE. Need fanout? Add more To’s. — Peter Robinett (@pr1001) July 24, […] Read more – ‘Email as a message queue’.
Spot On And Yet…
Recently making the rounds is a nice article on how email hasn’t evolved along with how people use it. He makes some good points and all in a very nice looking package, but he confuses one key thing: email and email programs are two different things. The issues van Schneider outlines are all with email programs (and […] Read more – ‘Spot On And Yet…’.
Email Problems
I just discovered that the email address thefoundry@bubblefoundry.com has not been working for some time. If you tried to contact me at this address, my apologies. It is now working again. Read more – ‘Email Problems’.