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Cordova Native Video Plugin
Recently I’ve been working with Arjan on a Cordova (PhoneGap) app for AT5, the local TV station in Amsterdam. While HTML5 video tags work just fine in the app, playing a video kicks you out of the app and into Mobile Safari. Since that’s not the nicest user experience, we wanted to add a native […] Read more – ‘Cordova Native Video Plugin’.
CocoaHeads NL on August 16
I have taken over the reigns of CocoaHeads NL from Cathy Shive and the first event of the relaunched group will be this coming Tuesday, 16 August 2011, at 19:00 at de Waag. Daniel Salber and I will presenting an accelerated version of the mobile APIs talk we gave a few weeks go at the […] Read more – ‘CocoaHeads NL on August 16’.
Mobile APIs Talk Next Wednesday
Daniel Salber and I will be giving the next Appsterdam Weekly Wednesday Lecture on mobile APIs. The talk is on Wednesday July 27 at 12:30 at Vijzelstraat 20, Amsterdam. Here is our talk description: Many mobile apps get data or send data to a server. What are the issues in implementing this kind of apps? […] Read more – ‘Mobile APIs Talk Next Wednesday’.
iTunes App Store Links
Do you have a app in the iTunes App Store with spaces in its name and can’t seem to make a correct deep link? The format is itunes.com/app/word1word2…wordn. For example, itunes.com/app/smakelijkamsterdam. Read more – ‘iTunes App Store Links’.
Simple Fun with Python’s Datetime Libraries
My Apple iPhone Developer account expires in 56 days, so I wanted to know what expiration date I should mark in my calendar. Here’s how I calculated it from the Python console: >>> import datetime >>> datetime.date.today() + datetime.timedelta(days=56) datetime.date(2009, 11, 8) Read more – ‘Simple Fun with Python’s Datetime Libraries’.
Google says it very succinctly: “HTML5 and WebKit pave the way for mobile web applications.” HTML5 is coming and it has a lot of interesting features, from audio and video support to local storage. Combine this with the fact that web apps are a particularly attractive way to reach many mobile platforms and the WebKit […] Read more – ‘HTML5’.
I’m an Appostle!
With my friends Katie, Paul and Travis I’ve started Appostles. We’re awesome iPhone, Android and Blackberry developers and we want to build your apps. Sound interesting? Then hire us! Read more – ‘I’m an Appostle!’.
I ♥ Android
I’m very excited to announce that we are putting on an Android Dev Camp on January 8, 2009 in Amsterdam. It should be a lot of fun, so you should definitely come. Hopefully this will make up for not posting at all about Mobile Dev Camp, an awesome event I organized in Amsterdam at the […] Read more – ‘I ♥ Android’.
Upcoming Events I’m Organizing
This Friday sees Lunch 2.0 visiting Utrecht for the first time, where will be hosted by iDiDiD. On August 22 we have a Lunch 2.0 at Sogeti in Diemen. Finally at the end of the month, I am hosting an iPhone Dev Camp on August 30 at my office. We’ve had a huge response to […] Read more – ‘Upcoming Events I’m Organizing’.