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Hacking in Scala
Two weeks ago I attended CPH Scala and gave a little presentation on ‘hacking in Scala’. As I see it, that means just using Scala for all sorts of projects, from bigger ones to little utilities thrown together in an hour or two. In general I’m quite happy with things, though I am always looking […] Read more – ‘Hacking in Scala’.
I just learned about jrunscript, which is a Javascript console and interpreter distributed with Java 6, so chances are you already have it. In fact, it is a general purpose interpreter and you can select another language with the -l flag if it is in the classpath. The -q flag lists the currently installed languages. […] Read more – ‘jrunscript’.
Displaying Unicode Characters in the Scala REPL on OS X
So simple but unforuntately I missed it until now: scala -Dfile.encoding="UTF-8" Now you can go to town with characters like ø and ∫! Oh, and you may want to alias this command in your ~/.profile: alias scala='scala -Dfile.encoding="UTF-8"' Read more – ‘Displaying Unicode Characters in the Scala REPL on OS X’.