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Mobile Dev Camp at the Next Web Conference
Did you know that I’m organizing a Mobile Dev Camp next Wednesday on April 15 as part of the Next Web Conference? It’s a free BarCamp-style unconference and we’ve got a Hackathon with great prizes from Forum Nokia, so there’s no excuse for not coming! And don’t forget to signup! Read more – ‘Mobile Dev Camp at the Next Web Conference’.
My Blueberry Pancake Recipe
Little known fun fact: I often make blueberry pancakes for Mobile Dev Camp attendees. Someone sent me an email telling me that they’ve been dreaming of my pancakes for the last six months since they had them at the iPhone Dev Camp and could they please have the recipe. How could I refuse! 1 1/2  […] Read more – ‘My Blueberry Pancake Recipe’.
I ♥ Android
I’m very excited to announce that we are putting on an Android Dev Camp on January 8, 2009 in Amsterdam. It should be a lot of fun, so you should definitely come. Hopefully this will make up for not posting at all about Mobile Dev Camp, an awesome event I organized in Amsterdam at the […] Read more – ‘I ♥ Android’.