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25 Dutch Entrepreneurs Under 25
In the latest issue of Sprout, a Dutch magazine for entrepreneurs, there is a big piece about 25 entrepreneurs under 25. First, congratulations for Robert and Wouter for making number 1 with Wakoopa. However, beyond Wakoopa I find few of the companies that interesting (Symbaloo did catch my eye). While all the businesses look decent […] Read more – ‘25 Dutch Entrepreneurs Under 25’.
But it’s ten times cheaper in China?
I was talking to a graphic designer the other day and his first response to hearing my prices was, “I could get the same thing ten times cheaper in China!” But could he? I won’t go into the pros and cons of outsourcing – they are different for every company and every situation – but […] Read more – ‘But it’s ten times cheaper in China?’.
What is Web Design?
For those interested in better understand web design, I highly recommend the article “Understanding Web Design” in A List Apart. In the piece Jeffrey Zeldman make a convincing case for the uniqueness of web design and draws an interesting analogy to typography. Read more – ‘What is Web Design?’.
A Website Is Not A Brochure
One mistake that many people make with their first websites is that they try to treat their websites as they would print media. This means that every effort is made to control the visual experience and little use is made of hypertext and the interactivity the web offers. For example, Dutch building company Verwelius has […] Read more – ‘A Website Is Not A Brochure’.
Don’t Annoy Your Users
This is the inaugural post in the Bubble Foundry Blog. In this blog I will regularly comment on web design practices and effective ways to develop businesses online. Therefore it is fitting that this first post ranges widely across Bubble Foundry’s areas of concentration, going aesthetics to usability to advertising. Many websites have flashy animations […] Read more – ‘Don’t Annoy Your Users’.